ConnectMyDNA Sampling Review

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Recently I tried out The Gene Ring™ a new product that is a new era in DNA history. Until now, there has never been an easy, affordable way to see your genetic profile.  I found my DNA is linked to Tunisia and they gave me a map showing all the places I was linked to.
Its your own personal fingerprint where the green markers and their position around each ring represent the unique values found in your DNA. The scientific design allows you to accurately compare your Gene Ring™ with friends and see how similar you are to them. They provide online tools to compare your DNA to people around the world to discover which country’s population you most closely match.
It was very easy.  I ordered it at their website and a small package came in the mail.  I swabbed both my inner cheeks with the provided swabs, put in in return envelope and mailed it back off.  Serial numbers are used to track orders, not your name and there is no sensitive information provided by the ring. Within a week or so I checked in and saw my results.  Pretty cool!
<strong>Here are some features quoted from their website:</strong> 
"ConnectMyDNA™ contracts exclusively with one of the world’s leading DNA testing facilities located in the USA. Through our exclusive agreement, we are assured of the highest level of quality and accurate testing and results for all our clients.  ConnectMyDNA™ is not an ancestry test. ConnectMyDNA™ utilizes current databases that represent the modern world population structure. ConnectMyDNA™ provides you with a Gene Ring™ and the populations with which you share the most similarity, you’ll be surprised by the results!  ConnectMyDNA™ provides you with your unique DNA Profile in the form of the Gene Ring™. This is unique to you and no one else will have the same profile as yours.  ConnectMyDNA performs a calculation to determine which population group contains the most similarities with your profile. The population groups are then reported to you. Since this test is not an ancestry test, the population groups with the most similarity to your DNA Profile merely represent an interesting correlation, not an indication of your heritage."

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