Creative Outlier Air V3 Review

Reviewing the Creative Outlier Air V3’s, there were a lot of great features on the box that offer much including Siri/Google Assistant integration. Technically, it has a host of the latest specifiations you’ll see below like Bluetooth 5.2. Overall listening pleasure sadly they disappointed greatly.

The sound is some of the most high end “tinny” sound that is painfully hard to listen to. Not even trying to adjust it with the equalizer in the Super X-Fi app can save it. Its awful and painful to a good set of ears. Its not a product sound wise I could recommend unless maybe you dont listen to music. Audiobooks or youtube videos of talking might be good for it.

On top of that the “touch” controls are poor as well. It was aggravating beyond belief at how many times I would accidently touch them and turn them off or unpair them. Trying to use the touch controls is maddening to say the least. Creative makes some very good sound products but this is one to avoid in my opinion. So many promising features on the box but the sound destroys all the good will offered.

Interface USB-C (Charging), Wireless Charging Enabled and Qi-compatible
Product Type True Wireless Headphones
Weight Earbuds: 2 x 5.2g, Charging Case: 69.8g (2.5 oz)
Color Charging case: Green, Earbuds: Green
Frequency Response 20–20,000 Hz
Cable Length 28 cm / 0.92 ft
Driver 6 mm Bio-cellulose Driver
Battery Type and Life Battery in Earbuds: 2 x Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery 55 mAh, Battery in Charging Case: 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery 450 mAh
Charging Time 2 to 3 hours
Connector Type Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth Profiles HFP (Hands-Free Profile), A2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth), AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control)
Bluetooth Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz
Audio Codec AAC, SBC
Operating Range Up to 10m / 33 ft
Wearing Style In-ear, True Wireless
Microphone Frequency Response: 100–10,000 Hz
Sensitivity: – 42 dBV / Pa Type: Omni-directional x 2
Weather-proof Resistant IPX5
Operating Temperature 0–45°C
Built in microphone Yes
Music playback and calls control Yes
Controls Touch controls (Volume and Playback controls)