Dent Conference 2015 “Dent The Future” Review @Dent @Buick @Scottevest


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Imagine hanging out in the pristine, beautiful surroundings of Sun Valley Idaho with Authors, Thought Leaders, Innovators, Thinkers, VC’s, CEO’s, Founders, Artists and eclectic people from all walks of life, in a think tank type retreat of brilliant minds. The conference was founded off the Steve Jobs idea of wanting to “put a dent in the universe.”

This is what I found in the best conference I’ve ever attended. Nestled in a quiet peaceful area with an intimate meeting of a couple hundred exclusive invite only people, was a great event to get away from it all and rethink your business and life.

Gone were the other conferences like SXSW, that just now seems like drunken, out of control, melees of silliness, tromping from one party to another. Gone were the Las Vegas gigantic colossal sized events teeming with manic, sweaty people and booths you’ll never ever fully see.

With Dent it was a quiet flight into an serene little airport getting away from all the hustle and bustle. Buick was one of the sponsors and whisked us from the airport and shuttled us around Sun Valley to private dinners and events. Buick brought in a mini fleet of the newest Buicks including a convertible that looked pretty cool with sharp wheels. Thank to Buick for catering to us as our Dent taxis all week!


The scope of Dent is to advance your cerebral abilities. The invite only crowd creates a club like feeling and anyone with a Dent Badge is a welcoming new friend you’ll likely build relationships with for years or more to come. In fact, nearly 98% of all “Denters” are now my Facebook friends and the feeling of tightness of friends and family extend throughout the event. Its an experience you’ll be hard pressed to find at any other conference. With my close friends we were able to have our little Cabal type discussions and have ultimate private confidential discussions about a myriad of topics and news about companies that we can likely never repeat openly. It was exciting to hear stories we’d heard or suspected only rumors of.

The event is also designed to challenge your networking comfort zones as nightly small groups split off to various places to eat and you get a chance to really get to know other people in these settings. A host of smart authors speak at Dent and during the event an open library is available to explore their books and topics.

There is also serendipity that happens as artist and eclectic people bring their flavor to the event. One moment we’re in the bar plotting business deals and a singer/pianist comes in to impromptly share her music with us as we surround the magic of the moment. Appreciation of nature including Skiing, early morning wolf howls and other unique experience expanding things play into the event.

One of the sponsors Scott Jordan, CEO of Scottevest opened his beautiful home and his wife’s exceptional cooking to all of us giving us a wonderful environment to eat and drink at. And their Scottevest coats helped keep us toasty warm on the cold evenings. Scott Jordan even made the walls of his home elevator “writable” with chalk provided and blue light to make your own writing on the wall. Even fit with a gumball machine. This was the spirit of Dent: “out of the box” thinking and a focus on inspiration.

Lastly the speakers are incredible and easy to get to know. Lots of comradery in the spirit of Dent. Its uplifting knowledge that fills the event from morning to night. For 4 days it was peaceful, fun, exciting and mind expanding.

I’d encourage you all to skip the inebriated, stupor, porto-potty filled events in order to go to something far more cerebral, that can give you true meaning to your life and business. It will make you think, learn and grow at an intimate conference that will actually help you. I hope to see you all at Dent 2016. I had an awesome time.