Dont See Limits, See A Vision – Chris Voss Quote

When you come across information or stimuli in your life or business, how you perceive or process it can make the difference that can change your life. Anthony Robbins tells a story about how 2 people can goto an event. The first person may see negative things and the other person may have a positive experience. All in all its the same event with 2 different perceptions and experiences based on those perceptions.

I posted this quote on my Facebook recently: “Kids don’t lack capacity, only teachers.” – Jim Rohn. It got a few negative comments about people feeling it was a slight offense at the profession of teaching. Jim Rohn never seemed me like the type of person insult people, I could be wrong. Jim was a “teacher” himself. I thought about what Jim’s _Vision_ might have been and said this on my comments stream: “I would assume a few things about his meaning here. I’m assuming keep in mind. Jim may not be referring to the profession of teaching, but to ANYONE who can influence, hence, teaching a child that opens their minds to new frontiers. Dont See Limits, See A Vision – Chris Voss Quote

In my busy work of offering FREE information on my blog, many times people can’t get beyond a misspell or grammar issue and miss focusing on the most important part, the message. See the vision.

Seeing a Vision in something is how we improve and change our world. Seeing the limits is how we restrict it. We fall in love with someone because we see the potential over their limits. In business, people like Steve Jobs while touring an IBM R&D department saw the unlocked potential IBM was missing of the computer mouse. He took that vision and changed the world.

In life or business, don’t fall victim to quick emotional knee jerk reactions. It’s a mob mentality. One of my favorite lyrics from Rush’s song Witch Hunt describes it best:
“Quick to judge,
Quick to anger,
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand…”

Dont be quick to ignorance. Education takes a time. Dont seal off walls against potential knowledge. Learn to logically look at things and say whats the vision here. In my meetings with my partners when we discuss new ideas or projects, I constantly ask that question hoping someone will catch a potential vision. Some people when challenged, put their heads down. Dreamers when challenged, keep looking up at the endless stars…

Dont See Limits, See A Vision – Chris Voss Quote