DuroPlus PowerBoost X2 Portable Charger for iPhone 5/5S Review


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Don’t let your iPhone battery dictate your phone use! We all love the iPhone, but we hate the battery life! What we need is a portable charger designed with the iPhone 5 in mind. Well, now there is one! The PowerBoost X2 from Duroplus. This portable iPhone 5 charger is perfect – it’s small and lightweight, so you can carry it around in your pocket, handbag or even your makeup bag. You can now have your own portable charger that never has to leave your car or purse. It’s there at a moment’s notice. And there is no need to hope you find a power source.

Duroplus’ love for innovation and passion for technology has inspired and led the company to search for solutions that support your fast-paced lifestyle. Today, staying connected is paramount and we want you to be on top of your game. All the time.