Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress Review


One of my favorite products in my “cant live without it” category has been the Eight Sleep bed. Originally we got the version 2 and loved it, but had a couple leaks that were quickly replaced by their great service. Now the newest improved version 3 is out and we love the better build. I have an injured back from years ago and could not sleep on most mattresses comfortably. The Eight mattress completely forms to my body and I’ve slept the best I have in years. Its now impossible to live without the Eight mattress 3 cover that heats and cools. It is so nice to slip into a nice warm bed or a cool one in summer. After a hard gym workout, the icy coolness of the bed can massively help with the recovery of beat-up muscles.

The AI is brilliant. It tracks your sleep patterns and adjusts the temperature during your sleep to ensure you stay as deep as possible. Very smart tech. I can’t recommend the bed enough, again I find it impossible to live without A MUST HAVE. It is worth every penny and more. I sleep a full 8 hour night now more than ever and feel rested. It even helps me lose weight by getting the best rested sleep I can. The other thing is it helps me track how many hours I sleep and quality. I can better monitor my health.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress is an innovative and technologically advanced mattress that provides the best sleep experience I’ve ever had. This mattress features a variety of cutting-edge features that are designed to optimize your sleep quality and improve your overall health and wellness.

The key feature of the Eight Sleep Pod 3 is its temperature control technology. This mattress is equipped with a heating and cooling system that allows you to adjust the temperature of your bed to your preferred setting. This is beneficial for individuals who sleep hot or cold, as it helps to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night.

Besides its temperature control technology, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 also features advanced sleep tracking capabilities. This mattress is equipped with sensors that monitor your sleep patterns and provide insights into your sleep quality. This information can be accessed through the Eight Sleep app, which provides personalized sleep coaching and recommendations to help you improve your sleep habits.

Another key feature of the Eight Sleep Pod 3 is its responsive foam layers, which provide optimal support and pressure relief. The mattress is designed with four layers of foam, each of which contours to your body and provide targeted support where you need it most.

Overall, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 is a high-quality mattress that offers a range of innovative features to help you achieve optimal sleep. While it may be more expensive than some traditional mattresses, its advanced technology and personalized sleep tracking capabilities make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to improve their sleep quality and overall health and wellness. Pick one up today!

Top Features include: Individualized cooling & heating, Dynamic temperature adjustments, Sleep and health tracking, GentleRise vibration alarm, iOS/Android app, MaxChill for ultimate heat dissipation, Medium firmness with spinal support, Pressure relieving materials and more.