Facebook’s Live Comments Updates – Has Facebook Just Become More Like Twitter?

Since Facebook’s new live comments got activated, me and many of my friends have been spending more time chatting on Facebook. Its cut in to my Twitter time big. I used to post stuff and then come back later to see what people said. Suddenly I found before I could leave, live fresh comments would come popping up turning it into almost a conversation. Then instead of leaving I’d just let Facebook sit there and see what developed. Thats been the pattern for me the last couple of weeks and many of my friends have been echoing the same thing. They are spending more time in Facebook.

You almost have to wonder if the “live” comment updating now on Facebook will cut into Twitters business, I’ve noticed my chats on FB are now more active discussion like twitter chats. I’m spending more time there because conversation is flowing. My prediction – yes. One of my group friends Mark D. reminded me that this is finally Friendfeed integration in Facebook so it is now like Twitter. Wow. In talking with my friends, they agree that the one key benefit of it being like Twitters live stream is that there are NO 140 character limits in Facebook. I think Facebook just took a huge step into Twitters business.

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