Fellowes 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Shredder Review #FellowesInc

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

For home or business in todays world where information and security are a premium, a high quality shredder is one of the most important investments you can make.  People can have their identity information stolen out of their trash can.  I once knew a business friend who had a competitor steal his client list from out of his trash and solicit his clients.  People think about security but many times forget that once their “trash” goes outside it  becomes very “public.”

I’ve owned 20-30 shredders through my companies and the worst experience you can have is when you are trying to get a batch of shredding done efficiently and the process gets bogged down by a jammed shredder.  Sometimes its as simple as you put in one of two more sheets that you should have.  Anyone whose fought to un-jam a shredder or had to replace one knows how frustrating it can be.  You go to the store kicking yourself that you had to spend more money buying another shredder over a couple pieces of paper jamming it up.

I reviewed the Fellowes 79Ci.  The shredder is awesome in the technology that has gone into it.  Its one of the smartest shredders I’ve ever seen.  I loved the 100% Jam Proof with a sensor that stops jams before they happen by analyzing how much you are shredding before hand.

The Cross-Cut feature is awesome to give you the best in security.  No wide strips that people could easily glue back together.  With other shredders it used to bother me about how the strips would fall almost still in the same area.  With Cross-Cut technology its total destruction.

SilentShred feature is great – theres nothing worse that the sound of a cheap shredder piercing the sound in the whole office and grating on peoples nerves.

SafeSense Technology is a great safety feature to keep kids or yourself from putting your fingers in the wrong place.

Buying cheap low end shredders always meant they would jam and I’d have to buy more.  In the end its worth it to invest in a Fellowes Shredder thats 100% Jam Free, save money and get the security you need.

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