Fersgo Ergoslider Plus+ Ergonomic Roller-Bar Mouse Unboxing Review


THE EVOLUTION OF ERGONOMICS: Ergoslider Plus+ is a central pointing device with roller-bar for your home or office computer that features an ergonomic design of incomparable comfort. Now, you can be more productive by alleviating the painful symptoms of RSI with a roller-bar mouse that features an extremely slim, elegant design, supporting and protecting your wrist from repetitive actions and excessive movements.
CURSOR CONTROL MADE EASY: Contrary to traditional so called “ergonomic” computer mice, this rollermouse centres all button functions on the maneuver panel for easy access and natural tactility on the keyboard. With a soft, cushioned, removable wrist support pad, a reliable 800 DPI laser sensor, previous page/next page shortcut buttons and a unique removable roller bar, you won’t be able to find a faster, more precise or balanced central pointing device.
UNIQUE REMOVABLE & DETACHABLE DESIGN: The futuristic design of the Ergoslider Plus+ cursor control device provides you with an innovative way to clean your device thoroughly and help you keep your desktop tidy and clean. Simply detach the roller bar and wrist pad and clean them by wiping with a wet cloth or a cloth soaked with 75% vol. alcohol.
PLUG N’ PLAY & ADJUSTABLE CABLE-OUT DIRECTION: Forget about complicated installing software or inefficient wireless mice. Just connect Ergoslider Plus to any USB port and you’re all set to carry out your important work with reduced wrist pain. Plus, it doesn’t matter which side your USB port is on; you can always plug-in your Ergoslider Plus+ without tangling any wires.