Fidget Capsule – The Next Generation Fidget Review

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Helps in concentration, releasing tension from long sitting in front of screens and on the way trains your palm and fingers.

The Benefits

Fidget Capsule is probably the only fidget you can hold and operate while you do your real important businesses

A perfect match! Want to have fun? Want to press hard? 4 (or 5) levels of resistance, Fidget Capsule will be suitable for any mood

Strengthen the palm! According to our examinations, Fidget Capsule is the only fidget that allows working on one finger separately

Fidget Capsule can go with you anywhere, but it will not disappear! It has a great magnetic base, so it will not turn on your table and disappear…

It is hard to convey the actual feeling in words… But the Fidget Capsule is pleasant to hold, it is smooth, metallic, and its precise technics gives you the feeling of an actual device, not a plastic toy

Fidget Capsule is built like an “old fashioned” device, in terms of its reliable, trustworthy mechanics. A device you can keep for generations ahead, not a one you will want to use and throw away quickly.