Firewalla Gold: Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security Firewall & Router Review

This is from and we’ve reviewed a number of their products over the years, they’ve made these really cool units that are designed to give you ultra-security, VPN type security and everything else, monitoring of your networks, etc. They made some small units to start out and now they have built a really powerful super unit that can really kick butt and of course give you really fast speeds as well. It’s called the Firewalla Gold, it’s a multi-gigabit cybersecurity firewall and router. You can use this to protect your family. You can use this to protect your business which I’d highly recommend it, especially for your business. It’s the world’s most affordable multi-gigabit smart firewall that combines the firewall features that we’ll talk about here in a second. It’s very easy to install, simple to use, and there are no monthly fees if you’re familiar with other VPN services out there, they charge you a monthly fee.

It protects your devices from cyber attacks, gives you advanced insights into your network, safeguards your personal and business data, gives you dynamic content filtering, it monitors and controls internet usage blocks, unwanted ads, and has a built-in VPN server and VPN client. It’s got a network segmentation and lockdown mode, three gigabytes speed, deep packet inspection hardware, and no monthly fees. As we mentioned before, this thing is pretty darn awesome. It’s got an app that goes with it. So you can monitor everything that’s going on your firewall, your internal control, your AdBlock, your intrusion prevention detection, VPN server. Vulnerability scan, bandwidth usage, behavior analytics, site to site VPN, GeoIP filtering, and safe search.

The app is really detailed and awesome. You can go in and create protection rules block malicious sites, to mitigate hacks, and enhance security. And it’s super fast. I think you’ll like it, I was very impressed as hooked it up, tried it out, kick the tires and it gives you so much data that tells you what’s going on, tells you what’s going wrong or what’s going good on your network. You can restrict internet traffic stop devices from playing online video games, block social networking, monitor online activity, it’s great for parents for that reason. You can see your bandwidth usage issues and insights, what you’re doing hourly, daily, and monthly your bandwidth consumption and track what’s going on, you can have a safe search on or off, which is probably good for the kids make sure some of those young ones so they don’t Google the wrong thing.

You can even have a VPN that you can use on your mobile phone. So if you’re away from your home, you can actually utilize the server which is pretty brilliant. Say goodbye to annoying ads, and take back your family time by restricting social hours, etc. I gotta tell you, it’s got a powerful rules engine, I was just amazed at what you could do. There are so many different things you can block. There is even on a web interface in beta mode right now where you can monitor on the web as opposed to just the app on your phone. I highly, highly, highly recommend this. If I was a parent, I would love to have it. Lots of different ways you can hook this baby up whether you just want it to monitor or whether you want it to actually be a hub, a networking hub for you. And yeah, it’s pretty awesome. It’s got a 64-bit quad-core Intel 2.2 gigahertz chip in the CPU, and 128 megabits for the ram for the VPN encryption speed. It’s got router mode built into it you can take and do that as well. You can order it up at