Flare Audio Calmer Review


A small in-ear device that increases sound quality and reduces stress. Available in standard and mini sizes. Standard fits most and Mini is for those who know they have very small ear canals.

Increasing sound quality while…
• Listening to loudspeakers
• Under headphones
• At concerts
• Listening to car stereos

Reduces stress while…
• Travelling / commuting
• In noisy areas
• Any other use where you want a calmer environment
• May reduce symptoms of tinnitus. Click to find out more

• Available in standard or mini to suit all ear sizes
• Patent pending technology | 2004011.9
• Reduces stress trigger frequencies without muffling sound
• Comfortable to wear
• Moulded in soft-touch durable silicone
• Independently tested by ISVR
(Institute of Sound and Vibration Research)

What’s included
• One pair of Calmer
• Flare® carry pouch
• Instruction manual
• ‘Flare Upgrade’ sticker
• Supplied in 100% recyclable paper packaging