Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer Offers Consulting and Coaching to You

Hello everyone, I’m offering several services of advertising on my channels, consulting and coaching. As a top influencer of influencers, my services are now available to you.

If you need any of the following help and you have a budget contact me at the address below.
– Advertising your product across my 500,000+ follower base to get million of impressions on your product and drive traffic. Companies will pay to advertise on my channels to drive traffic to their sites.

– Evaluation of your social media marketing and online assets with recommendations on how you can better utilize and grow.

– Social Media Marketing & Account Management GROWTH. Build your account with targeting marketing and drive traffic.

– WordPress building, operating etc.

– Personalized Coaching on how to succeed in social media, grow accounts, marketing.

– How to grow your Youtube and other channels.

– How to position and grow your Brand and audience to become an “influencer.”

– Startup & entrepreneurial coaching. I’ve successfully held interests in over 2 dozen companies I’ve helped build. I’m a great virtual board member as well. I’ve built multi-million dollars companies off shoestring budgets.

– Many more customizable services to what you need and coaching you to succeed in the ways I have. Need something unique to help you succeed? Lets chat.

Contact Me at