Funny Google+ Circle Name Suggestion List

Time for a funny break from all the serious stuff on here. Now for your viewing pleasure my funny suggestion of names for your Google+ Circles:

People with one testicle.
People I’m ashamed of.
People ashamed of me.
Sea Faring Pirates.
Gave STDs to.
Got STD’s from.
Girls on Valtrex.
Potential Maury Povich Show ex’s.
My Parole agents.
People I stalk.
Disturbing large noses.
Have restraining orders on.
Aliens inhabiting humans.
Good looking proctologists
Owe Child support
Have called police on me
Only 11 Females on Google+*
Elvis sightings
Tupoc sightings
Warm Cuddly Scout leaders
One time at Band Camp
TSA agents with large knobby fingers
Seen beaten on “Cops’
American Idol Rejects
Have candy vans at park
Eat sh*t and die!

Finally, I think its a good thing Tom Anderson is on Google+. This way we’ll know when Google+ is “over,” is when Tom leaves. Remember his last place. Ya. :->

Submit your own funny idea in the comments below!

*Article: Google+ users are nearly all male