Future of 2010 Social Media Dominance? Facebook?

One trend I’ve noticed over the last few months is Facebook “group” pages have exploded. I can tell because my Inbox is flooded with Facebook group Invites like nothing else. Maybe I should miss the old days of at least the semi-entertaining Viagra emails. I think its a definite solid trend. Facebook has gotten ahead of Twitter in having an Ad system for small and medium sized business’ to create their business pages and advertise inexpensively. While Twitter jumped out in 2009, I think more people “get” Facebook more as a place to interact with folks. Twitter, to many people may still be the ADD stepchild. If you search people who are Tweeting “help with Twitter,” you get the phone book.

One interesting News item that came out is Facebook BEAT Google on traffic on over Christmas. Thats pretty heavy and you can see their traffic movements mirror each other. See below.

In this next graph, you’ll see Facebook dominated the Google Searches for 2009, while Twitter fired up the ranks in fastest growing searches.

Now look at this chart over the last 90 Days. Facebook is staying consistent with Twitter no where to be seen. Now I know Twitter has less followers over Facebook, but Twitter has gotten tons of Media Hype that Facebook didnt seem to get this year. I’ve been predicting Twitters outrageous growth has peaked and maybe slowing down on Traffic and we’ll see what future analysis brings, but overall I think the hype and saturation has peaked on it. My prediction is Facebook and using Facebook for your business is going to be VERY, VERY important. If you dont have a Social Media success strategy and have someone like my Firm, Strategix One Consulting, getting you on track, your going to be severely behind the future marketplace. Keep in mind you cant focus on one service – Social Media is a symphony or army of forces working together to build and market Brand.

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