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8-6-2013 8-53-25 AM

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Learn ‘How to embed social across more than just marketing to ensure transparency, competitiveness and long-term relationships’.

It was a thought-provoking debate that over 1000 people signed up for. Nearly one question every few minutes was fired at the panel of three expert speakers:

• Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Dominiquini at Sears and K Mart Seasonal and Outdoor Living

• Vice President Social Media, Kimarie Matthews at Wells Fargo

• Senior Director Digital & Social Media, Jen McClure at Thomson Reuters

The debate focused on practical examples and steps businesses can take to become a social business in order to ensure transparency, competitiveness and long-term relationships.

If you’d like access to the full recording and all of the selected findings simply download the Webinar here

I hope the discussion proves useful!

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