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According to Forbes and other tracking outlets, I’m a major Influencer in the top 20’s on lists of worldwide social media influencers. If you would like to send us a sample of your product, we can do a video review and send you a link when up. It will get released across a multitude of social platforms like Twitter Google+, Facebook Fan Pages, 2 major LinkedIn Groups, etc. It will pick up millions upon millions of impressions and eyeballs. My Twitter Daily gets about 5900 RT’s and 4800 Likes.

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Forbes Magazine for 2 years running has named me in the Top 50 Social Media influencers and has done 3 articles on me.

COMBINED Twitter followers on 7 accounts: Almost 400,000 – Impression rates in the tens of millions and able to flood a
Youtube – Nearly 50 MILLION minutes viewed since Sept 1 2012.
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