Google+ Circles Social Media “Do Over” Opportunity Strategy for Channels

Many people on Google+ are complaining about a lot of things: How super popular techies are dominating the stream with content and comments, the cat picture people, the animated gifs people, etc.

Google+ Circles are amazingly simple and smart. What I see is that Google+ is an incredible OPPORTUNITY for a Social Media friends “do over.” I filled my Facebook and Twitter with anyone. Over the last few years I’ve gotten to know whose stuck and who hasnt. Who has good content and who doesnt. My advice is use Google+ Circles to start fresh and new. Do a whole overhaul of your friends and their stream.

Heres my suggestion. Sometimes I like serious smart thinker content. Put them in a Circle called “Thinkers” or whatever. Yes maybe certain Techies get tons of content but the discussion is smart and gives me business and money making ideas. If you’re not learning you’re not getting smarter.

Next Circle, put the people whose stream is endless animated gifs, cat pictures, etc. Next Circle put in all the people who 99% of their content is just re-sharing every article they find on the internet. I’ve noticed something really funny about these 2 groups of people. Usually if I can find someone posting these items a couple of times, I can goto their profile and its 99% of their feed. Kinda funny and easy to jam into a particular Circle.

Now the cool thing about this is if you want to look at Smart stuff, get some laugh pictures, read news, you can flip between the Circles almost like CHANNELS. This way depending on your mood, you can find more of what you want in one place and change the Channels (Circles). Now you have an education channel, a news channel and a mindless or mind numbing channel.

Finally, consider your re-shares (retweets), I try to be conservative with mine so I dont get mislabeled as a 100% re-sharer. I analyze whether I think something will get popularly over shared or if its from a less popular source thats unlikely to be abused. In essence, I look for re-share gems. If any giant news source is getting re-shared multiple times on Google+ maybe you should guess that if you’ve seen it a couple times, your friends have already seen it five times. Back away from the re-share pile on. I think of it as saving me work if everyone else is doing the work for me, I dont have to re-share everything thats a major story some one else is doing it. Say something interesting and unique.