Google Phone – Nexus One – My Take – The Flop

Nexus One Biggest Flop
UPDATE 4 – Google Discontinues the Nexus One Android Phone Probably a good example of a poor launch, marketing and support of a highly taunted phone. Sadly, it was an opportunity to change the game of selling unlocked phones, wresting control form providers but it will likely be tried again. Sorry to say – I told you so on this one.

UPDATE 3 – Google admits flop –

UPDATE 2 – RIGHT AGAIN – NEXUS IS A FLOP – “Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. mobile-phone company, retreated from plans to offer service for Google Inc.’s Nexus One phone, saying it will focus on other Android-powered handsets instead.” “It’s really a flop for Google” Bloomberg Link


Google released its new Google Phone and there has been a lot of buzz surrounding it. I have some thoughts on it.

One, I think Google is smart in continuing to monopolize everything, note that you now have to buy the phone directly from them. I think this will revolutionize the industry which in the end may not be as good for carriers and create more competition. More control is being moved to the designers and manufacturers. The other thing is, they are selling unlocked phones that can be used worldwide on any compatable network. Hopefully, this will help this silly game of locking phones by carriers, come to an end.

There is a price to pay for it. I guess many people are now finding in the fine print. Evidently, if you cancel the two year contract with T-Mobile you will not only pay them a hefty early cancellation fee, it almost double as you will also owe Google an almost similar cancellation fee. Google charges an “Equipment Recovery Fee” of $350 if you cancel their service before 120 days have passed. Essentially, doubling your penalty from what you would pay with other phones.

There also is a lot of chatter about this dual mobile controller concept, that customer service issues are trying to be handled by Google on discussion boards without any customer service phone support. Which sounds like a nightmare currently. Customers are stuck between Google and T-Mobile trying to figure out which of them fixes which parts of their phone. Not a bright concept really.

Uh, my iPhone with the sh*tty AT&T coverage still sounds pretty good considering the graphs below. The newest iPhone is already beta testing in the wilds of San Fransisco Metropolis and hopefully will come out this year with an even better iPhone and camera (rumored). Thanks Google. But, no thanks. did a screen test of the phones and found that iPhone won. Light pressure on the other phones confused their screen recognition to draw straight lines. You can see their results here: