Google Wave Invite Giveaway

I have access to a limited amount of Google Wave invites and well I’d like to give one to everyone, I dont have enough. So what I’m doing is a sort of Giveaway, to give them out to deserving parties. If you think you’ll REALLY USE IT, I’ll be giving away 5 Google Wave invites at the end of every week starting December 19th. I gave away 5 invites and will be giving another 5 out on December 26th.

Here’s how to enter:
1. Enter your name and email in the opt-in box so that you can stay abreast of updates and the winners announcement. I will notify the winners directly also.
2. Place a Comment Entry on this Post. I need your name, why you want a Google Wave invite and what you’ll use it for. It is an essay contest of sorts so “sell it” but keep it to 2 normal paragraphs MAX.

*Comment spam will not be approved. No warranties or guarantees are given or expressed. I accept no liability if I ask Google to invite you and they do not email you the invite. GO!