Great Gadget Gift Ideas for the Gamer in Your Life

With Christmas almost upon us, now is an excellent time to start doing a spot of Christmas shopping. No doubt you have a selection of scented candles and funky socks for the special people in your life, but what on earth can you buy or a dedicated gamer without dropping a wad of cash on a new PS4 Pro or Xbox One S?

Gaming is a popular hobby. Millions of people spend their leisure time fighting orcs on World of Warcraft, building on Minecraft, shooting enemies on Call of Duty, or playing poker or bingo online. There is no limit to the fun you can have when you are a fervent gamer, so it is actually pretty easy to find suitable gifts for anyone who likes to game.

We have some great ideas for you in the list below, so start reading and then you can pop over to Amazon and pick up a few bargains to avoid a last minute panic on Christmas Eve. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there are no silly socks on this list!

VR Headset

Virtual Reality is super cool right now. With a VR headset you can get the best from 3D games on your smartphone, wherever you happen to be. In an ideal world, you would be able to pick up an Oculus Rift HD VR headset at an affordable price, but unless you are loaded, this isn’t going to happen. But don’t worry, you can snap up a far more affordable VR headset for a fraction of the price, and it will be just as appreciated by the gaming enthusiast in your life.

Games Vouchers

New games are continually being launched, so it’s hard to keep up with the latest releases. Unless you have been given a definitive list of most-wanted games, it is usually better to err on the side of caution and give a gamer a voucher instead. Try buying them a voucher for everyone’s favourite online gaming store – STEAM – or if they prefer to play online, gift them some Bingo vouchers instead. Xbox and PlayStation gift cards are also good ideas.

Titanfall 2 Backpack

Titanfall 2 fans will love this super cool, officially licenced backpack. The backpack is well-designed, rugged, and large enough to fit books, files, and anything else a teenage gamer might need to take to college or school. The backpack is green with black stripes and groovy logos. It also comes with iron-on patches for some optional customization.

Razer BlackWidow Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow has redefined the gaming keyboard, and for a serious gamer with a competitive streak, this phenomenal keyboard is the only one worth owning. Pro-gamers everywhere use a BlackWidow. You can customise the design and choose the keys and layout that suit your needs. It’s sexy, it lights up, and it is, quite simply, awesome.

Gaming Headset

No serious gamer can manage without a gaming headset. Look for a quality headset with a good microphone, comfortable ear pads and a great sound. Some headsets use wire jacks whereas others
have USB connectors. Check reviews before you buy, but the popular Cloud Stinger headset is a top middle-of- the-road choice for many gamers. Alternatively, if you want to spend a bit more cash, look at gaming headsets from Razer.

Gaming Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are a useful accessory, particularly if your gamer is into PC games. The Overwatch over-sized mouse mat is a great gift for gaming fans. It is large enough to sit under a keyboard and still leave room for the mouse. Mouse movement will be slick and quick with this mouse pad – just what a gamer needs to win extra points!

Video Game Statues

OK, so it’s not a gadget, but video game statues are highly collectible pieces of fun. There are some terrific examples out there, so look for a statue from the recipient’s favourite game. Some statues are super realistic whereas others are more cartoony. It’s a matter of choice really, but these statues make cute gifts and look fantastic in any serious gamer’s bedroom. They are also a fun gift for a boyfriend or husband who loves to game, as he can put it on his desk at work.

Always read reviews and buy gadgets from reputable stores, or you could end up being scammed.