Hestan Cue Skillet + Burner Smart Cooking System Review


Simplify Cooking with the World’s Smartest Cooktop
Cue connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth® technology that communicates with embedded culinary sensors in both the pan and burner.

Connect Cue with its easy-to-use cooking app to automatically adjust cooking time and set precise temperatures as you follow along with each video-guided recipe step.

Cook Anything in the World with Confidence

Take the Guesswork Out of Cooking

Powerful embedded cooking sensors in both the pan and burner respond to your selections in the app, delivering down-to-the-degree temperature control to your cooktop.

Cue organizes and monitors cooking and prep timing to tell you when to flip, baste, sear, and more. Never overcook your food again with Cue.

Tell Cue how you like your food prepared whether you prefer medium-rare or well done. Cue adjusts time and temperatures for cooking and searing to achieve your preference perfectly, every time.

The Hardware
Pro-quality, tri-ply stainless steel cookware with embedded temperature sensors.
Durable, easy-to-clean glass ceramic cooktop with onboard power control.
Rapid-response induction coils for precise heating and temperature control.
Powerful yet efficient 1600W induction burner with optimal precision.