How To Get Your Favorite Google+ Personalities Stream Into iPad Flipboard App

The Flipboard iPad App presents the Google+ feed of your favorite G+ personalities in a beautiful magazine format. Heres how to do it. First find your favorite(s) Google+ persons number. Its in the the address bar when you goto their G+ profile. In my case, my address for my feed is:

Then take this address: and add their number at the end. For me, it would be

Now goto Google Reader in your browser, add that feed or setup an account and add it.

Next open Flipboard iPad App (see video below). Click a box to add a feed. Click on Social Tab at top. Add Google Reader. Then click on Feeds & Folders. Choose Chris Voss – Google+ User Feed. When it opens hit the blue +Add tab in upper left. DONE!

*Note: I did notice once that I had to relog into Google Reader to get Flipboard to be able to get Flipboard to download new updates. I havent had it do it again which may mean I’m still logged in? FYI.