How To Keep From Getting Suspended On Twitter – E-Book

My latest E-book is out – How to keep from getting suspended on Twitter. Ever know someone who got suspended on Twitter – its awful, like someone died.

Over the last 6 months, as a Twitter Expert, I’ve consulted with suspended Twitter users, documenting their suspensions, interviewing them and also Twitter personnel. I’ve made a study of it along with other aspects of Twitter to understand it and helped people get back online.

What I have found is that many users, make simple innocent mistakes, get suckered by spam and malware, or deceptive websites and programs etc. Alot of people on Twitter are beginners or novice computers users at best and end up making mistakes or getting suckered. While I’ve suggested a warning system for users to be warned first, unfortunately the results are devastating and immediate, when someone is suspended.

Usually you end up, losing many followers, your locked out for 3-30 days to sometimes forever. WHEN IT HAPPENS YOU’LL WISH YOU HAD READ MY E-BOOK, BUT THEN ITS TOO LATE. You’ll have to suffer how ever long your locked out and sometimes you have to start completely over. Imagine being locked out for 30 days or having to start over.

I explain to you how the system works, rules few people know and ways to get suspended. Its NOT a book on how to get around the rules. Its a book on how to PROTECT YOURSELF AND TWITTER from the creepy crawlies out there. The ways hackers and spammers will send “innocent posts” to draw you in. I also tell you what to do to get back online if your suspended, in the fastest possible manner. THIS BOOK IS AN INDISPENSABLE MUST HAVE – IF YOURE EVER SUSPENDED YOU’LL WISH YOU HAD READ IT.
Many people ask me if Twitter is all I train people and master but in our one on one counseling we train our clients how to use an onslaught of a “Social Medial Army” to drive traffic to their websites.

I’ve Bundled up my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Social Media strategies. While the better option is to hire my company Strategix One to help train or operate your systems, these tools can help you get jump started.

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Chris Voss