Amazing New Wetoku for Dual Video Interviews!

A friend of mine had posted a link to an Interview done by Guy Kawasaki and another person. I’ve been desperately searching for a product like this so I can record interviews for my new show The Chris Voss Show on You dont know how hard it is to find a program that does this.

The name of it is called Wetoku at its an amazing program where you can literally see 2 bloggers side by side, having a real time interview/discussion. It has both their names on the screen and comes across with great clarity and sound. This is gonna be a hit.

I’m going to be interviewing some entrepreneurs etc. and like need it yesterday, I was gonna finally give up and do blogtalkradio. I have over 100,000 followers on twitter that want to see this medium. So I’m so excited about this new medium and to tell all of you about it. Goto and check it out.


Chris Voss