If You Are New On Twitter Or Follow Only A Few People

I want to reach out to all the new people on Twitter and those who follow only a few people. This is a post for you.

Twitter is a tremendous resource of information, that is amazing and interesting. Personally, Twitter has changed mine and other peoples worlds. I’ve found amazing programs and information that has helped me and my business’. Since the information comes to me, I can pick and choose my interests or search for them. Unfortunately, many people leave Twitter in the first 30 days, because many of people dont “get” Twitter.

“David Martin, vice president of primary research for research analyst firm Nielsen Online, wrote in a blog that Twitter has a retention rate of around 40 percent, which means that more than 60 percent of Twitter users stop using the service a month after joining in.”

I like many joined, left and came back. Heres the thing, to really enjoy Twitter and its vast resources: YOU NEED TO FOLLOW AT LEAST 2000 PEOPLE. Now I know that sounds like a lot of work, but with my training resources (see below) you can be following 2000 people in 48 hours, taking only 15 minutes of your day. Like any great tool you need an owners guide to help you, otherwise your just clawing in the dark wondering why you dont understand Twitter.

The challenge with only following a small smattering of people is you miss out on most of the great resources. Big fish that chat alot like me, seem to take up alot of your small stream, even though it is some of the best you can find on Twitter. I lose alot of small accounts because I become the 800 lb gorilla on their stream. If they would more people, they would enjoy twitter more and not notice my chat as much even though its filled with great stuff to help you enjoy Twitter.

The other way to enjoy Twitter is to go out and make friends search out people with similar resources to your own and add them as followers.

The bottom line is its tough to really enjoy Twitter unless you get a few thousand followers. I want to offer my resources to you so please feel free to email me with questions you have and I will try to help you along. you can also Tweet me a question in my stream and I’ll try to answer it. My Email is Chrisvoss11@gmail.com

Be sure to check out my training resources below – Twitter is super popular and will continue to be trendy, dont be “that person” who doesnt get it. Enjoy it now.

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