iFi Zen CAN Balanced Desktop Headphone Amp and Preamp Review


I gotta tell you I love the iFi products so far for audio, GAMING and podcasting. See our prior review on the xCAN. If you wanna make your audio extraordinary check out their products. Highly recommend especially for gaming and music.

SUPERIOR ENGINEERING – Extremely low distortion and noise from a circuit design inspired by our flagship headphone amp which uses a dedicated input stage that level matches to your source, allowing the signal to flow freely through the Class A output stage, literally music to your ears

POWER REALIZED – Maximize the performance of your headphones, more than just getting loud, but realizing the full dynamic range of the drivers and experiencing soft vocals as well as heart-pounding drums, never missing a beat. Delivers up to 1600mW of power at 16 ohms

IMMERSIVE SOUND – Enhanced with our signature analog signal processing to deliver accurate and more natural bass frequencies through XBass, and to present a wider soundstage that brings the music out in front of you through our 3D matrix which replicates speaker listening without the cumbersome setup

THE INS AND OUTS – Features both a balanced 4.4mm pentacon and a single-ended 6.3mm (1/4”) headphone output on the front as well as three inputs on the back, including a 3.5mm line out, RCA left and right sockets and a 4.4mm balanced pentacon connector. Additionally, there is a 4.4 balanced output to connect to a power amplifier or active speakers for use as a preamplifier

LAUNCH EDITION – Discover every detail in each track as background noise disappears with the super quiet iPower 5V DC power adapter, which uses proprietary Active Noise Cancellation technology to lower the noise floor up to 40dB!