Important: Ad Council PSA For Your Internet Teen! Think Before You Post!!

You know I care about my corner of the Community and I saw this the other night working late. I recently wrote a Post about being careful not to get sued or post private info online, but this expands on that. Please share this as teen “sexting” and other issues are get out of control. Teens can make mistakes in todays world of evil people on the internet like never seen before. Please help me share this and Retweet. I think this is important for any teen or parent.

“a recent study by University of New Hampshire researchers for NCMEC found that of the approximately one in seven youth who received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet, 70 percent were girls.” Many peoples lives could be ruined by pictures they post. I predict someday in the future, with todays teen sexting, Politicians will have their teenage photos show up.

New PSA Campaign Educates Teenage Girls About Potential Dangers of Sharing and Posting Personal Information Online