Is iPhone Losing Market Share Because of AT&T?

Enclosed is a graph showing whats on the minds of prospective mobile phone buyers, what they might buy in the future. It might be a little skewed, I’d be more interested in “what did you research and then REALLY sink your money into, when the time came.” People love the iPhone, but the one thing that drives people away – reluctantly so – is AT&T’s scrappy coverage. Maybe AT&T didnt realize or invest properly on what a hit iPhone would truly be and its the result of someones poor planning. Even I knew after getting one and ignoring my computer for a week, its an incredible deal to have the internet access so cheap. Every now and then it rings and reminds me, its also a phone…

Apple needs to let other mobile services sell the iPhone. AT&T is doing a 2nd rate job of it. Instead of investing in expanding service and quality they have suggested punishing or getting subscribers to quit using it so much. Stupidest business idea I’ve heard in a while. “Hey we’re glad you love our product – can you not use it as much, you’re way to loyal to it?” Does AT&T know how hard it is to have a hit product in todays world? WTF? Apple: let another Carrier carry the ball or it may cost you in the end. AT&T knows its service is so bad – “yep theres an App for that” – the Mark The Spot App, where you can lodge a complaint on dropped calls. It seems completely masturbatory that probably the Apps sole function is fooling me into thinking that anyones listening to the App. Given their public communication that seems to show their beliefs that its everyone else’s problem for overusing the system. I know companies that would kill to have that product over usage problem.

Anything Google touches with their brand carries with it so much hype and some credibility. They do have a good track record. People seem to overly get caught up in Google’s hype and the new Google Phone does have a couple unique things, like selling unlocked phones that could change the markets modus operandi. iPhone should quit losing people to other phones over service, which has nothing to do with its great product. Most people that goto other phones just want good phone service and an iPhone or an iPhone copycat. Bottom line.

UPDATE: AT&T Announces will spend $2 Billion to improve it service Gee was it my post? LOL.

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