Is Facebook, Twitter and Social Media Making Us Sad?

Libby Copeland, from recently wrote a post entitled: “The Anti-Social Network: By helping other people look happy, Facebook is making us sad.”

So is Facebook and exciting pictures of happy people leading seeming more fun lives than we are, causing us depression? Libby cited 2 Stanford studies, that found that we wildly over estimate other peoples happiness based on the images and accomplishments we see on their Social Media. How many times have you cruised the pictures of other people and felt jealous or less important as you seem to be missing what a great time they are having. Does it make you depressed?

To be sure everyone puts up their best foot forward. We PR skew the life we lead. With Social Media we can plaster the best PR photos of our life all over. Someone joked once that when Aliens discovers our extinct Race’s photos, they will think we were always happy from all our smiles. Everyone Foursquare’s in at the luxury diner, no one checks in at the Rehab clinic, the Court or Planned Parenthood. It’s important to realize we all put up this PR facade and not feel depressed that we perceive someones life “might” be better.

Heres some of my advice:
1. Understand the PR element of Social Media where everyone puts their best and brightest smiles forward.
Its like the red carpet, you rarely will see tears. Facebook isnt the representation of a LIFETIME. They are just pictures taken from specific times of living. They are just smiles posed for a camera moment. You dont really know whether they are happy on the inside or not. On average we live 80 years, there many ups and downs challenging us during that time. In the end life isnt fair…get over it.

2. Remember this, no one can MAKE you feel anything. REPEAT THAT. You’re feelings are how you interpret the world based upon your filter and how YOU CHOOSE to feel about that incoming stimuli. I’ve lived long enough to learn that everyone is challenged to grow or die during their time here. From the baby born in the slum who is happy, to the Hollywood princess whose life behind the scenes is unfulfilled and drug addled, none of us is exempt in having crosses to bear. No ones life is perfect.

3. Quit watching and get living. You may be depressed over your life because you haven’t put for the effort to be CREATIVE in enjoying it. Its your job to make it fun for you and the people around you. If you are sitting all day wasting hours looking at other people pictures, dreaming, you should be depressed. Go live your life and make your own great photographic moments or not. My best memories are in my head. The greatest ones I have, will never make it on Facebook.

4. The Grass is NOT Greener. Facebook has been rumored to cause divorce and breakups. Its easy with this medium to get fooled by the “grass is greener on the other side” element. I’ve seen so many people who think that all those gushing guys chasing then online in comments will turn out to be willing or viable partners when you really finally meet them. Most likely they are in relationship trying to chase the “grass is always greener” too. Did you know that 35% of men on singles dating sites are married? There is no perfect mate, usually you just trade in one set of a persons problems for a different set. Many times the real problem is just people, needing to grow up. In the end its one big masturbatory effort chasing our tails. I always laugh we you see someone who wont WORK to save their current relationship, BUT will do all the WORK to lose weight, get in shape for a chance at a greener pasture. I cant count the girlfriends I’ve had, that if they had put forth the effort IN our relationship, that they put forth AFTER it, we’d still be together.

So in the end keep your perspective, be self-actualized and live your life. Put the WORK in to make your own dreams come true. Quit watching and start doing.

Source: Does Facebook Make Us Sad