Is The Samsung Galaxy S8 The Best For Gaming

Mobile devices are now used for many different things on a daily basis and one of the biggest uses is gaming. As a result, there are some phones better suited to provide you with an amazing gaming experience wherever and whenever fancied.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, along with it’s larger model the S8+ were up there with the most high profile devices to be launched at the time they were and seen as amongst the best devices for mobile gaming.

Three aspects are the most important in terms of a phone’s suitability for gaming. These are generally regarded as performance, display and battery life.

When released, the Galaxy 8 was the best Android smartphone on the market and contains amazing gaming software, first seen on the Galaxy 7, but revamped. The phone’s maintenance section contains an option in settings to put the device into ‘game mode’. This game mode comprises of game launcher, which is home to all the games stored on the phone and game tools, and enables you to change the screen mode of the handset to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

Due to these features you are able to immerse yourself within your chosen game on the phone and you will not be distracted by notifications popping up during gameplay and even makes the home button invisible. This also works really well when it comes to casino apps as well, especially with the huge potential for growth. Testimony to this, is the fact that near enough all recognized casinos brands offer excellent mobile casino apps.

The hardware of the Galaxy 8 also ensures a smooth and extremely engaging experience. The screen is 5.8in and curved with a 1,440 x 2960 resolution, which puts it at 400 pixels taller than it’s competitors within QHD phones. The device is powered by a 3000 mAh battery, which means it’s not going to die after a short amount of gaming. The processor the phone runs off is the excellent Snapdragon 835, alongside a Adreno 540 GPU and contains 4GB of RAM.

Whilst the Galaxy 8 was seen as the top range Android phone and the best out there for gaming, it must also be compared to what Apple have to offer. Apple’s response to the Galaxy 8 was their iPhone X. The phones are very well matched in terms of specification and it’s more about personal preference between the Apple and Android OS. The display the iPhone X offers is slightly higher spec that the Galaxy 8. Furthermore, the A11 Bionic processor is of a higher quality than the Snapdragon 835 in it’s Android competitor, however, both have the potential to offer a wonderful gaming experience.

As good as the Samsung Galaxy 8 is for gaming it has now been overtaken by it’s successor the Samsung Galaxy 9, which just about tops the iPhone X too, with a bigger and better screen. The new model does only offer subtle improvements over the S8, but they can make all the difference when it comes to gaming experience, particularly whilst playing resource heavy games such as the currently extremely popular Fortnite. For example the S9 has a display ranked as the best ever seen in a smartphone – Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, making it excellent for gaming.