JBL S700 Advanced LiveStage Headphones Review @JBLaudio #JBLSynchros @Samlevin @catchmedia


The call came in: New York. Artsy hotel. One product launch suspected of high audio degree potential. The riders were assembled and mobilized, across the country we came….critics of audiophile and high tech. Marching orders: descend on NY and test out this forthcoming game changing product. It was a dangerous risk inviting some of the most honest and brutally hardball people in tech to come dissect your product. People known for trashing bad products online. The game was afoot. The Company: JBL Audio. The Product: JBL Synchros S700 headphones. A product built on the wholesome thought of delivering the best spectrum of audio, divesting an interest in exceptional sound quality and performance. One night, one stage. The Gamble: would this be these be best headphones ever produced or better than anything on the market? Had all the research and testing paid off. Moment of truth. Time to set the new infant out to survive or be slaughtered by the media.

We arrived and assembled around the stage critical media knives at the ready. Some short speeches, testing, focus groups, engineering, ya ya ya. Science, bitch. To prove the power of the new JBL Synchros S700 headphones, JBL put their money where their mouth was. Dice roll. An amazing artist took the stage and shared her incredible music in a live show pumped through the JBL Synchros S700 headphones. Mind blowing audio. We melted and sat in shock. An amazing conveyance of music, like new sweet, powerful, supple fruit being delivered to our ears. Granite rock solid bass with a very well studied and delivered sound spectrum of great highs and mids. Blown away. Expectations exceeded. Did I mention blown away? For some of us that have piles of headphones and earphones stacked upon us by companies to compare to, these may very well be the BEST audio headphones on the market or for that matter ever made. Check em out at These sound better than anything I’ve ever heard and puts my B&W P5’s to shame. Two thumbs up. JBL Mission accomplished.

Some of the features are:

– Advanced JBL over-ear powered stereo headphone featuring die-cast aluminum design, proprietary LiveStage™ DSP, and signature JBL PureBass performance.
– Die-cast aluminum frame and soft leather earcushions
– Proprietary LiveStage™ signal processing technology for a more realistic sound experience
– Signature JBL sound with PureBass performance

Super impressed and highly recommend these, you’ll like the sound over all most any popular headphones on the market – stay tuned for pending video review. In the meantime pick a set up.