Jlab Epic Universal Mic Earbuds Review @JLabAudio



Epic Glitter Gold/Cloud Pre-Orders expected to ship early May
EPIC, Earbuds ReImagined
Revolutionary Fit. Radical Sound.

8 Years. 1 EPIC pair of earbuds.
That’s right. The EPIC is the result of eight years of engineering, research and design. They’re the new bad boy of sound — and they were created directly from customer feedback, reviews and industry know-how.

1,000 ways to rock. Comfortably.
We straight ran out of ways to make old technology comfortable. So, we got innovative. Introducing Cush Fins™, the revolutionary earbud system that guarantees a perfect fit and ear-lapping comfort. Coupled with seven gel tips, Cush Fins give you 1,000-plus formulas to fine-tune your listening setup. Whoa, this is big.

Sound not forgotten.
Just because they’re comfortable doesn’t mean they won’t rattle your globe. The EPIC uses C3™ technology to deliver clean, crisp sound no matter your flavor of music. Drench your ears in vibrant highs and song-defining mids — all delivered through JLab’s high-performance 13-mm drivers, the largest driver we’ve ever packed into an earbud!

Strong as $*#@!
Did we get carried away? Perhaps. But how epic would these earbuds be if they weren’t built to last? Featuring a universal mic and simple track control, the flat, tangle-free cable offers additional strength when things get messy. Seriously, we tested these during a death match with a cobra, puma and liger. OK, no, we didn’t. But they’re pretty dang strong.