Join USM’s FREE Webinar: “De-silo” Social Media @usefulsocial #csmny


70% of C-suite executives say social represents an opportunity to fundamentally transform their business for the better. In this FREE webinar, learn how to map out your corporate social infrastructure to enhance cross-functional integration, coordination and communication.

Join us, along with ESPN and Intuit on Thursday 24th 45-minute live debate will delve into this critical area of corporate social media, showing you how to:

– Heighten collaboration: Remove internal silos to ensure a holistic internal approach, a unified external voice, and seamless customer experiences

– Be more agile: Streamline communication and coordination between departments, meaning you are nimble in your thinking, processes and response

– Become a “social business”: Learn how to generate a company culture that embraces social, and looks to embed it across more than just marketing

There will be live polling and streaming of questions to ensure this is both an informative and engaging debate. Join the webinar here.


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