JOZU for Women Launch at SXSW Empowering Womens Travel

New “women’s only” portal selected to be featured at SXSW Startup Spotlight and at the SXSW Girls Lounge, showcasing robust AI and Data Analytics technologies designed to address the core needs of female travelers

Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 07, 2017

JOZU for Women, one of the first “women’s only” portals designed to make it safer and better for women to travel and part of the Amadeus Startup Incubator, today announced the official launch of their new platform serving the core needs of women around the globe, as most of their needs are not currently being met by the more popular and traditional travel sites. Furthermore, with more than 80% of all travel decisions being made by women, and, since women now manage more than $15 trillion in buying power (a large percentage of which goes to travel), JOZU for Women will finally provide women with the tech tools and features they need for addressing some of their most pressing demands for traveling safer, and, for having a more premium experience at their targeted destinations.

For women, security and safety rank extremely high when traveling, with many expressing that their typical online booking experiences have caused them to end up in some pretty compromising and sometimes threatening situations. So, recognizing the growing frustrations and travel concerns that women have with booking hotels, restaurants, and other amenities that seem to look great online – only to arrive at their destinations and discover their selections were actually unsafe, unclean or simply did not live up to their expectations – JOZU for Women was born.

“Because we use some of the most highly advanced AI technologies and transparency tools, the recommendations and reviews on our platform have a much higher accuracy rate for being true and reliable,” said Stephenie Rodriguez, CEO and founder of JOZU for Women. “We put safety first when developing our site because women who travel for both business and pleasure can be major targets for crimes. It’s important to empower them with the tools they need to travel better and safer, so they can actually relax and enjoy their business or leisure travel once they arrive at their destinations.”

JOZU for Women helps women to explore, research and connect to destinations using a unique algorithm called JENI, who customizes recommendations for each user. The exclusive online platform was created by women for women and facilitates a discreet environment where users can let their guard down and speak freely with confidence however exists to protect the transparency and intimate details shared by women – as they share advice on the do’s and don’ts of traveling domestically or abroad.

In fact, the site is so strong in facilitating transparency that it allows women to vet someone by their open profile in the platform’s community space. There is no other platform that does an extreme screening process for vetting identities so that users are able to know exactly who they are taking advice from and giving it to in a trusted and secure environment. Furthermore, the solution allows women to travel safer with real-time safety information about destination, hotels, and excursions delivered in our mobile application.

So now instead of women having to wonder if the hotel they selected online was in an unsafe neighborhood, they can learn these insights in advance before booking. In addition, women can avoid uncomfortable situations like being seated next to a man on an airplane that makes them feel uneasy, or, getting dining in a restaurant with a sleazy owner. Verified members can find another solo traveler to explore with, a mom who likes wine for a poolside play date, or a fellow adventurer to share a holiday and half the costs.

Furthermore, JOZU for Women allows its fully verified users to join interest specific “Tribes”, like the Honeymoon Ideas or the Traveling with Toddlers group to share insights and tips around common pain-points, or create private “Circles” for special occasion travel, conference events, family events or planning trips with a group of friends. The portal also allows women to safely buddy up with other members for trips and tours as part of their planning experience.

Because of its disruptive and innovative features, JOZU for Women has been selected to be featured at the SXSW Startup Spotlight and at the SXSW Girls Lounge showcasing its robust AI and Data Analytics technologies designed to address the core needs of female travelers.

“Startups are critical to the future innovation of the traveler experience and of the travel industry. We are excited to support JOZU for Women as they continue to advance their unique, technology-enabled entrepreneurial vision, by women and for women,” said Kerri Zeil, head of Amadeus for Startups, a program from global travel technology company. Amadeus is dedicated to helping travel startups with leading technology, expertise and consultative support, which has worked in collaboration with JOZU for Women since its inception.


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