Kinotehnik LCDVF For Canon 5D Mark iii Unboxing Review @kinotehnik


Spontaneously transform your video enabled DSLR into a discreet handheld video camera
Lets you shoot photos and video in direct sunlight
Stabilizes camera when shooting video handheld
Aids on-the-fly focusing
Allows the use of LCD in bright daylight outdoors
Magnification of 220% specially tailored to most 3″ LCD screens
AR coated and optically corrected lens with 40mm clear aperture
Robust and durable: no moving parts
Splash and dust proof
180 degrees flipping design allows instant left or right eye usage
Universal magnetic mounting interface allows rapid mounting and demounting without any wear and tear
Allows the use of battery and wireless grip and all other original accessories
Flat mounting interface allows easy cleaning of the LCD screen
At most cases all LCDVFs are usable with prescription ranging from +0.5 to -2
In addition, all LCDVF models now come with built-in 37mm metal thread that can accommodate diopter correction lenses (to be purchased separately)