Langogo Summit Pro: Record, Transcribe, Translate Speech w/ Global WiFi Review

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We got a chance to check out the new product from Langogo that is now up on Kickstarter. It is a solid piece of hardware that does an excellent job! It reminds me of early iPhones with plenty of features, apps, etc. This is a must for travelers or folks interacting with different languages. The build and use is great and works wonders. Tons of features and well thought out operation. It’s fairly thin and easy to carry and travel with fitting in any pocket. The transcribe feature is great for taking notes on the run and the Notta service is quite handy. I’d recommend you check it out and you can take advantage of their Kickstarter today!

Langogo Summit Pro is the world’s first 4-in-1 handheld audio recorder, transcriber, translator and mobile WiFi hotspot with built-in eSIM specifically designed for an easier way of work, study, travel and much more. It listens and captures what happened at your meetings, lectures, conferences, interviews, presentations and much more for hours on end, so you are able to play back the conversation as many times as you need in order to grasp important information at a later time. Better yet, it supports 104 languages and dialects covering 200+ countries and regions and transcribes in real time, meaning in multilingual scenarios, it identifies the correct language and you can see the transcript of the audio appear on the screen as people speak. With a press on the button, it transcribes an hours-long speech to text and gives you the meeting minute draft in just a few minutes at a high accuracy. It takes your productivity to the next level so you will have more spare time for your own tasks. And you can contribute to the cause of environmental protection by saving tons of papers produced by tree farms.

Langogo Summit Pro also comes with a powerful software for collaboration and cloud storage – Notta, which will automatically sync and save your recorded audio. Notta app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free download. Sign up for a Notta account to play the audio, transcribe it into text, edit, export and share the text with your team members for more efficient communication and collaboration via either PC or smartphone. We give every Notta user 500 hours of audio storage for free. While playing back audio in Notta, it will highlight each word as it is spoken in the corresponding audio being played. It also enables keyword search to quickly navigate to the information you want, so you could give your proof-reading eyes a break.

Langogo Summit Pro meets your security criteria especially when the recordings contain sensitive content. You can lock your device with a password, and the data is stored and encrypted on the Amazon AWS platform using a virtually unhackable algorithm. Notta supports login with Google and Microsoft for the highest level of data security.

Langogo Summit Pro acts as your personal translator to provide you with simultaneous interpretation services during business meetings with people from around the world. After setting up the languages for both meeting participants, the built-in microphones will be automatically grouped into two clusters and each assigned to a specific participant to pick up his voices for translation. Within seconds, the translated audio will be broadcasted almost immediately for the audience to hear, and meanwhile, be transcribed and displayed on the screen to see. Were the two participants to share a pair of True Wireless Stereo earbuds connected to Langogo Summit Pro via Bluetooth, they could hear the audio in their intended target language from their corresponding earbud for seamless and effective communication. Understanding while hearing a foreign speech or lecture is as easy as pressing a button. Not only does Langogo Summit Pro faithfully record it, but also transcribes it in both native and translated languages to show on the screen for the listener to view in real-time.

Getting a quality one-on-one interview or trying to communicate with a foreigner has never been easier. Superior to those less-smart translator devices which feature A/B keys and require the correct key to be pressed and held down while translating language A to B or B to A, Langogo Summit Pro intelligently detects the language for you and automatically translates it to the target language. Simply press the talk button and talk into the microphone that you want translated. Releasing the button broadcasts the translated voice to your audience immediately who can then speak into the microphone, and Langogo Summit Pro will work vice versa. It’s so foolproof that anyone can use it straight out of the box. Langogo Summit Pro is great for your on-the-go translation needs. Whether you are trying to read the menu at a restaurant, or the exhibit label in a museum when traveling overseas, you could snap a photo of it using Langogo Summit Pro, and promptly, the translated image will be visible on the screen and audible through the loudspeakers.

The 8MP rear camera with fast autofocus and OCR technology recognizes 46 different languages.

Langogo Summit Pro comes in handy when you need your ideas documented before they slip away. Pressing the button on the side while dictating your thoughts, it will automatically record it and convert it into a note or a to-do list.

Langogo Summit Pro has 4 built-in omnidirectional microphones strategically arranged to offer full 360° coverage in huddle rooms, picking up voices of the talker 3 meters (10 feet) away and transforming any space into a conference room. The speech recognition is further enhanced through an AGC algorithm which significantly reduces background noise and automatically adjusts the volume to make up for the differences in distance from Langogo Summit Pro, so even the most subtle and faint voice sounds loud and clear. The mic’s work distance can be further increased to as far as 9 meters (30 feet) by the deployment of Langogo mini, an external microphone integrating two Harman Kardon directional mic with cutting-edge noise-canceling algorithm, innovatively designed to be plugged in Langogo Summit Pro for crisp, crystal-clear audio recording with minimized background noise. Langogo mini mic also works remarkably well on other devices like your smartphone when used with a Type-C-to-Lightning converter to capture high-quality audio in classrooms and lecture halls.

What works magically behind the scenes to give the best quality translation is that Langogo Summit Pro incorporates 26 world-leading domain-specific translation engines designed to be invoked for languages and variants in different countries and regions. Langogo Summit Pro requires Internet access when performing functions of recording, translating and transcribing. It supports three ways of Internet connection: WiFi, SIM card and e-SIM card, and then it can be used as a standalone device and also as a mobile WiFi hotspot to connect five devices at one time for international data when traveling overseas. You can get WiFi in 60+ countries using Langogo’s virtual e-SIM tech that automatically connects to local carriers. Data is pay-as-you-go and paid-for online by clicking the “Global WiFi” icon and following the instructions. It saves you the hassle of buying and replacing the physical card if you are a frequent traveller.