Life/Business/Entrepreneur Coaching with Chris Voss

Life/Business/Entrepreneur Coaching with Chris Voss

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What makes Chris Voss a great Life/Business Coach?
1. For over 20+ years, as a CEO/President and Serial Entrepreneur over my companies, I’ve been counseling employees and business people. As a leader, man times people look to you not only to lead them, but help them invariably with other aspects of their lives. Being the leader, you have to help your people in order to give you the best results.

2. I’ve managed 1000’s of employees. I’ve played coach, psychologist and motivator over and over. I have the experience in counseling people in ALL areas of their lives. It seems like I’ve heard it all.

3. Many of the companies I had were sales based organizations. Sales is a head game. I’m used to having salesperson who suddenly implode for a while and come to me to get fixed somehow. They dont know why they are off their game. I’ve had to play psychologist and dig into their psyche to see whats going on and pull out their thorn so they can go back to top performance. Like a mental surgeon you’ve gotta fix everything.

4. For over 20 years one of the companies I owned was a Mortgage Company. A mortgage loan applications is a profit and loss to peoples lives. Early on it gave me immense insight into people. How they lived life, made income and dealt with challenges life threw at them. After a while reading people’s applications and credit reports told me much about them. My clients told us story after story of their experiences. Many times I had to give them life and financial counsel to improve their lives.

5. I’ve worked, owned or held interest in multiple fields of business (see Bio below). It’s given me a wide range of experience.

6. Worldwide with my consulting firm, I continue to give counsel to Entrepreneurs and business people.

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Chris Voss has been a CEO, built, managed and invested in Corporations in various fields of industry for over 20 years.

His experience of Business Ownership and Controlling Interest Investments range from: Mortgage, Real Estate, Stock Markets, Investing, Mall Retailing, Computers, Clothing Lines, Talent Agencies, Courier Companies, Personnel Companies, Telemarketing Call Centers, Construction, Pay Per Call Industry, Club Promotions, Social Media, etc.

At 18, he started his first company. In 1992, with a mere $2000, he started his first Multi-Million Dollar producing company, that ran for over 13 years. A year later, with $4000, he started his second Multi-Million Dollar company that still operates today. After that he oversaw 3 Companies simultaneously, while building and investing in over 22 different companies.

He is proficient in most all aspects of Business Management, Operations, Start-Ups, Sales, Motivation, Training and overseeing thousands of Employees. He brings Vision to a his ability to “think outside the box.”He can innovate outside the paradigms of a company’s self-limiting belief systems. Given his breadth of diversity he can assimilate a business quickly and assess its good and weak points. In one case, he took over a company going into bankruptcy, turned it around, saved it from bankruptcy.

A successful Entrepreneur of Multi-Million Dollar Companies, he’s consulted people and business’ alike on a wide range of Business and Personal Life issues. On Twitter his advice is followed by over 270,000 people and growing.

He currently writes a blog, The Chris Voss Show, in which many of his market predictions come into play. He predicted the current recession in 2007 and that it would be the worst since the Great Depression.