Like ‘Blood Diamonds’ Should Consumers Avoid ‘Patent Lawsuit Phones?’ Infographic #ApplevsSamsung

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I joked today on my podcast that like avoiding buying ‘blood diamonds’ consumers maybe should avoid ‘Patent lawsuit phones’ to teach companies a lesson that they are tired of lawsuits and product bans. You can click on it here: The Chris Voss Show Podcast 27.

Apple won big yesterday against Samsung almost $1.5 Billion. On the flip side of the coin Apple needs to realize in all these other suits its tied up in that as most attorneys know anything can happen with a judge and jury. Same with appeals. Lawsuits are a dicey expensive game.

In South Korea in Apples spat with Samsung BOTH companies have lost in losing the ability to sell certain products in that market. In that end Consumers have been the losers. Until consumers vote with their pocketbooks little will happen to reform patent suits. The SAD part? According to the infographic below there appears to be no major phone maker NOT locked in a lawsuit.

In the end its up to the consumer to vote with their pocketbook on the company that makes the best and most innovative products, even if the phones are tainted with lawsuit/attorney ‘blood money.’

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