List of Steve Jobs’ Traits That Are In Every Successful Entrepreneur

I’ve been seeing many of the interviews of Steve Jobs’ biographer, talking about Steve and his unique behaviors. Most entrepreneurs I believe have inherit in themselves the same traits as Steve Jobs and it is those traits that many times lead to their successes.

1. Magical thinking, Reality distortion field. Steve Jobs and Entrepreneurs both have this thinking. They are dreamers, they envision a better world of improved services and products. Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” They try to see things not as they are but how they could be.

There are millions of stories of successful people having everyone tell them “it” cant be done. Steve Jobs and Entrepreneurs enter their reality distortion field and make amazing things happen. They believe in their idea and work at it, no matter how unreal it might seem at the time.

2. Being a great salesman. Steve Jobs and Entrepreneurs believe in and love their creations. That belief comes from being immersed in their work and seeing it improve peoples lives. They believe beyond reality sometimes that their product is the greatest thing ever made in their field. Successful ones go out and become prophets convincing other people with charm, bravado, charisma and persistence of the vision of their creation.

Steve was a showman. He knew people were skeptical to new ideas. He’d put on a show to unveil and explain his creations so that you could understand his vision and get excited. Great Entrepreneurs are great Preachers, give them a place to pitch their message and they will anywhere, anytime. They are like walking billboards.

3. Connection to Feeling. Steve Jobs helped connect technology with feeling and experience. Most Entrepreneurs are the same way. Whether its a service or product, they hone in on how to improve the quality of the interaction one has and have consumers feel great about the results.

4. 24.7 Live it, Breathe it, Love it. This is something every successful Entrepreneur has. They live it 24.7. It consumes them and its an incredible part and love of their life. There’s no punch in, punch out Time Card with being an Entrepreneur, its your life and you even dream about it. I used to tell people “for once I’d like to have a dream about a girl instead of always dreaming about my business.” Sometimes I’d be working so hard on something I’d think about it all day long, then dream/work on the issues in my sleep. Then go back to work the next day feeling like I never mentally left the office. They say Steve Jobs up until his passing was making sure Apple would be the best he could make it.

In the end, look at how you can use these qualities to make your life better. Remember there is ALWAYS room for improving anything.