Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro Review

We reviewed Lume Cube’s Cordless Ring Light Pro and was very impressed with its simplicity in design and usage, paired with its technology use, to provide an array of lighting combination features. Lighting is so important in video these days and whether you are producing professional or personal courses, videos, online content, zoom calls, podcasts, lighting is paramount.

One of the best features is its utilization in being able to be mobile with a carry bag to transport easily anywhere you need to create content. Not to mention it has a battery that can run up to 70 minutes on full brightness or 120 minutes at lower output with makes it very versatile for locations not close to a power source. Hence, you could make videos almost anywhere, including the beach! Setting up and packing it up is simple, quick and easy. The remote control makes quick work of adjusting to the perfect lighting without having to step off camera to tune it.

With its stand and camera mount, you can use a variety of cameras and mobile phones. With its 180 degree tilt you can use it for any angle up or down to get the best lighting. For us with desktop reviews, we found it replacing our old lighting system to a better downward facing light. The back panel for lighting schemes and adjustments gives you a full customizable solution for dialing in the perfect lighting for any situation. Also on the camera mount bar there are two additional cold shoe slots for whatever you wnat to add. I highly recommend the product, so much in fact we’ll be using it the future to light our YouTube review videos and podcast.


⬢ Edge-Lit Technology – 256 inward-facing LEDs with built-in diffusion delivers powerful but soft light with even coverage
⬢ Long Battery Life – Up to 70 minutes on full brightness and up to 120 minutes at lower output
⬢ Adjustable Color Temperature & Brightness – Full control of your preferred light temperature and brightness
⬢ Remote Control – Wireless remote adjusts brightness and temperature with preset shortcut buttons and the option to pair multiple Ring Light Pros
⬢ Rotating Smartphone Mount – Universal smartphone mount easily moves from landscape to portrait mode
⬢ Camera Mount – Smartphone mount can be removed to secure most DSLR cameras
⬢ 70″ Light Stand – Adjust from 18″ to 70″ with ease
⬢ 180º Tilt – Convenient and easy maneuverability
⬢ USB-A Charging Ports – Charge your devices while you record
⬢ Travel Case – Houses all your gear for your on-the-go content creation