Mark Cuban Complains About Facebook Fees, Is He Right?

For 3+ years I’ve told clients and people, get in on the ground floor of social media and maximize it while its FREE because someday it WONT be.

Mark Cuban as reported by, is upset with Facebook charging him more and more for having to pay to have his companies posts promoted out to people they already paid for to get “Likes.” Some people are blaming changes in Facebooks EdgeRank as changing analgarythms to show less Facebook posts to followers in order to extort more money out of Fan Page promoters. TechCrunch reports that Facebook actually made it easier for users to report spamming and that Fan Pages that are claiming less traffic where actually impacted by this. I dont claim to know what the real answer is but I have seen almost every page manager I know complaining about less views since the change and more of a push from Facebook to buy ads.

Those companies that are taking a “wait and see” approach to Social Media are going to be paying some big bills in the future to get into it. When Social Media was new and fresh it was quick, easy and FREE to build followings and marketing efforts. Every day now it becomes more complex, harder and more expensive. It WILL continue to get more so and COST more. Google rakes in more Ad dollars now than the whole U.S. print business. If you look and that chart and cant figure out you need to be embracing Social Media and online ads, you need to have your head examined.


Whether you like it or not, what was free will slowly disappear. As these networks become more powerful for advertisers their fees will increase. Mark Cuban is realizing that the most important thing to do is build your internet real estate on a property you own. A Facebook Fan page is nice but dont ignore your own website and drive traffic to that site. Money would better be spend building your own websites following. Get started with advertising now and build your online real estate while you can because there is a learning curve. You need to take advantage of consulting firms like mine who help people market effectively and inexpensively. If you are waiting to start on Social Media, I hope you’re also saving up all your money. You’re gonna need it.