Master & Dynamic MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones Review

I’ve been loving Master and Dynamic headphones for years. Despite many of the headphones we review, I’ve always come back to them for not only their impressive sound but their detailed quality and comfort. You will regularly see me over the years wearing them daily on the podcast as my favorite headphones. I’m a huge gamer and can spend 6-8+ hours in a session gaming with friends. I’ve had my mind blown by how amazing the MG20’s are. The comfort and fit is so soft and luxurious I never even realize I have them on. I recommend them to all my gaming friends and community.

The 7.1 surround sound makes the game sound so real and is exceptional for hearing footsteps of approaching players. It gives a whole new level of depth and experience to the game. The mic boom is EPIC in that I can literally eat loud potato chips right into the mic and the noise-cancelling microphone will effectively filter out background noise, allows gamers to communicate with their teammates with no distractions. The microphone is also adjustable, so gamers can position it for optimal sound quality.

As a wireless gaming headphone, the Master & Dynamic MG20 delivers an impressive audio performance. Its sleek and stylish design, combined with a comfortable fit, makes it an attractive option for gamers who value both form and function.

The MG20 features custom 50mm Beryllium coated drivers that deliver powerful bass and clear, crisp audio. The audio quality is further enhanced by the use of Qualcomm’s aptX HD audio codec, which ensures that the audio is transmitted wirelessly with no loss in quality. This makes the MG20 an excellent choice for gamers who want to enjoy immersive audio while playing their favorite games.

One of the standout features of the MG20 is its battery life. It boasts an impressive 20 hours of battery life, so gamers can enjoy extended gaming sessions without having to worry about the headphones running out of juice. The MG20 can be charged quickly, with just 15 minutes of charging time providing up to two hours of playtime.

The MG20 also has a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, and a 3.5mm audio jack. This makes it easy to connect the headphones to a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Overall, the Master & Dynamic MG20 wireless gaming headphones are an excellent choice for gamers who want a high-quality, stylish, and comfortable pair of headphones that deliver impressive audio performance. While they are a bit on the expensive side, the features and performance that they offer make them well worth the investment for serious gamers. I highly recommend this for gaming.

Features from their website:
Transport yourself with immersive 7.1 surround sound headphones and custom 50mm Beryllium coated drivers. A bold expression of minimalist design, the MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones feature a detachable boom mic for unmatched communication while the on-board microphones provide an adjustable talk experience. Play longer and smarter with lightweight magnesium ear cups, cushioned lambskin leather ear pads, and an Alcantara® and coated canvas headband with on-head detection. Upgrade your gaming experience with the MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones.

Hear every detail with custom Beryllium drivers and exceptional acoustics with independent volume controls for mic and game so you won’t miss a move.

Distinctive silhouette designed with lightweight magnesium ear cups and lambskin leather ear pads, paired with an Alcantara® and coated canvas headband for unrivaled performance and durability.

MG20 dual talk microphone close-up

Designed for gamers and listeners alike: the state of the art detachable boom mic, which can be removed for casual listening, features an optional pop filter for incomparable clarity during gameplay.

MG20 with dual talk microphone ON-BOARD MICROPHONES
A versatile, internal microphone array provides exceptional sound quality even when the boom mic is detached, allowing for an optimal talk experience in a sophisticated, flexible design.

Ear pads cushioned with lambskin leather, an Alcantara®-lined inner headband for enhanced grip, and a coated canvas outer headband offer unparalleled comfort during play and a wear that only gets better with time. Plus, for longer playtime, on-head detection preserves the battery life of your wireless gaming headphones.

Press play for the ultimate gaming experience with angled magnesium ear cups and semi-open acoustics optimized for the perfect balance of sound isolation and a life-like soundstage. Encounter new worlds with MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones.

Keep a charge for longer gameplay and get to 50% battery life in only 30 minutes of charging.

Use the low-latency adapter to eliminate audio delays and effortlessly switch between your PC and Playstation with convenient plug and play. An optional USB-C to 3.5mm analog connection for other compatible consoles provides added versatility.