Max Smart Home MAX One Safety and Nightlight Unboxing Review


The MAX One HD1a is an incredibly handy device that provides a number of benefits simply by plugging it in. MAX One can be set to three modes:

1) Nightlight – monitors light in the area and provides supplemental light when the area gets dim.
2) Motion activated – turns on the front area light when the area is dim and motion is detected.
3) Security mode – turns on area light, flashes the flashlight and sounds an audible alarm when motion is detected in area of coverage.

In addition the MAX One listens for fire or CO alarms. When it detects an alarm going off it lights the front light and strobes the flashlight to help you find your way to safety. In addition it repeats the audible alarm tone to aid in waking you to danger. Studies have found that many people sleep through a standard fire alarm tone at 3100Hz. MAX uses both a high and low frequency tone to help interrupt sleep and increase the likelihood of escaping danger.

MAX One includes a built-in battery that it keeps charged whenever it is plugged in. MAX can be plugged directly into the wall or set on a bedside or counter and use a standard USB AC adapter to the built in micro-usb port on the back.

When MAX One loses AC power it lights the front area light so that you aren’t stumbling around in the dark looking for a flashlight.

MAX One also provides a USB port that can be used to charge your phone. Even with no AC power, the battery in the MAX One will provide power to the USB port so that you can charge your phone in the event of a power loss.

MAX also contains a flashlight that can be used when the unit is unplugged to help you direct light to a specific area. The front area light can also be used when the unit is unplugged to provide a diffused wide area light source.