Momentum 720p WIFI Camera Unboxing Review

Features To Free Up Your Worries
You want a Wi-Fi camera that serves your needs inside the house, moment to moment. That’s why we’ve included all the basics, and then some. Here are just a few of the highlights:

2 Way Communication
Listen to your baby’s very first words, talk to your dog, or give instructions to the gardener – even when away from home.

Night Vision
Capture quality images in the dark automatically– whether it’s your teen sneaking out at night, a Halloween trickster, or just a cute raccoon bandit.

Motion Detection
No creature, great or small, can elude Momentum’s advanced motion sensor, especially with the included wide-angle lens.

Sound Detection
No movement? No worries! You’ll be alerted the minute sound is detected by your Momentum device’s microphone.

Notification Alerts
You’re alerted on your smartphone or tablet whenever a “trigger” event is detected. You control the triggers and rules.

Live Stream
If you want to see what is happening in the moment, you can! Live stream video images being captured by your camera that very second.

Viewing Angle
110 degrees is perfect for viewing a wide angle of space without tapping too much of your home Internet system’s bandwidth.

On-Board Storage
You can store up to 128 GB of images and sleeping-baby videos – just slip a Micro SD memory card into the provided slot.

NEST Compatible
You’ll love that the Momentum APP plays very nicely with NEST devices. Watch your smart home control system grow and grow!

For your viewing pleasure, get sharp, vivid images recorded at 720P resolution.