MonoDeal RF Wireless Universal TV Headphones Unboxing Review

CONVENIENT CHARGING: The intelligent transmitter featuring auto turn off function also works as a charging stock! Easily charged the headphone by simply placing it on the transmitter base. To save power, the transmitter will auto turn off if there is no audio signal received in four minutes, and will auto turn on once signal received.

NO AUDIO DELAY: Designed with intelligent Auto-Tune function, these top rated wireless RF headphones work with a low-latency supported RF transmitter for minimum audio delay 32-40ms (human ear undetectable) for an advanced audio experience. Ideal for Watching TV, Gaming or PC.

NO SPACE LIMIT: The Wireless transmitter featuring three RF signal channels enables interference free reception for stereo sound through walls, ceilings & outdoors up to 164 feet away. The expanded reception range allows the headphones to be used when not in sight of the transmitter.

COMFORTABLE & SUPER LIGHT: These over ear wireless earphones come with super soft pads and elastic headband providing lasting comfort. Best wireless and RF solution for up to 25 hours gaming or tv use, over ear headsets are superior to in ear bluetooth earbuds or earphones. SUPERIOR HI-FI SOUND: Experience superb music and voice clarity. Large 40mm stereo drivers with built-in bass boost deliver detailed and balanced sound with good clarity and bass response. Perfect headset for audio lovers.
To make a good connection with the charging pins,carefully align the headset with the charging pins. Metals, metal products, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa units near the transmitter may cause signal interference. Customer should put them far away from the transmitter when using the wireless RF headphone system. Poor signal received. Customer should change the channel at the back of transmitter, and then press AUTO TUNE on the headphone to get the best signal. There’re three channels for option. dock will illuminate a green light when the headset is charging.