My Favorite Key Influencer’s Thoughts on Social Media on My Blog Anniversary

Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies
Thanks, Chris~! Happy Birthday~! It’s so hard to believe it’s been a year already & in some ways seems like it’s been so much longer!
1) Social Media is at the center of my life in a good way! It’s a freedom to interact with people all over the world that I am very fortunate to enjoy.
2) I have made invaluable friendships, grown my business and even made money directly from tweets-even though money was not the reason I went into Social Media. It has made my life complete. I’m looking forward to all the expanding concepts including tweet-ups, etc. There is no limit to what we can accomplish together~!!

Dana Richardson @DrD
1) Social Media is a chance for our community of Springhill Louisiana to bounce back from hard economic times, and if we do it right, help merchants here in the community do better in sales.
2) Social media has helped me obtain great coaching from masters of the craft, such as yourself, or Mari Smith, and my personal coach, author James Ross Quinn, it has helped me complete my doctoral work and put me in touch with numerous very well educated people to continue to enlighten and keep my mind active. Social media has shown me much of what the globe is seeing reflected back to us.

Shexy Shellymarie @therealshexy
Question #1
Social media provides a new way of networking with people around the world. It is an important new facet in my career.
Question #2
Social Media has opened up so many new avenues for exploration and learning new concepts and ideas. It really has changed the way I see the world.

Alyce Graffius Flynn @ciaobella50
1. Social Media, or Twitter for me, is a means to have my own small radio station. To say whatever I want, to promote or just to make friends.
2. Improvement wise, I have had the opportunity create and publish a Blog I adore, Twitter is my information highway, and has afforded me access to people I would otherwise never have had a channel to get through to them!

Stacey Soleil @staceysoleil
What does SM mean to me?
No more people standing in the corner with nobody to talk to…thanks to Social Media there’s been a shift in the structure of social status. There are NO more social outcasts, because in SM there is a community for all. Online, EVERYONE has value, & those that were once overlooked or deemed an outcast, are now recognized and appreciated. If you ask me, Social Media has redefined “Social Meaning”.

What has it done to change my life?
Social Media has personally provided me the opportunity to expand my network for both giving back to charitable causes, as well as nurturing the growth of my own company Soleil Marketing Services (SMS). Social Media has allowed me to interact with brand new products, services & startups, when they are merely a tadpole getting their legs. Before Social Media, that kind of early involvement was only available to those that ran in the inner developer circles of Silicone Valley. It’s pretty amazing how quickly the tides have shifted. I won’t lie, I absolutely LOVE Social Media and I am proud to be part of the revolution!

Laurel Kaufman @Laurel Kaufman
Thanks so much Chris…1 social media means that we have the ability to communicate with people and companies both on a person and professional level that we might not otherwise have a chance to connect with. 2 personally I have developed honest and meaningful relationships with people through social media that I never knew before…like you Chris! What better improvement can you have in your life than bringing new and diverse friends who I can call my social family xoxo thanks Chris hope this helps

Stacey Wells @staceywells
1 Social media means connecting with the world.
2 I now have friends,supporters,business contacts and opportunities all over North America and other parts of the World
Congratulations Chris on the success of your I”m a fan, you Rock!

Sylvia Swann @sylviaswann
1) It’s just a new, insane dimension of opportunities. Period. Sorry, that time of the month.
OR: Social media is brain porn, a whole new dimension of opportunities – allowing me to live out my ambitions in real life.
2) Social Media has saved me years of struggling to get the information, contacts and friends that will give you brains, success and happiness.

Henie Reisinger @hennartonline
Thanks, Chris, for this honor! :~)
Social Media to me means a few of things: 1. Reciprocity without expectation 2. Remain neutral at all times 3. Authenticity means sharing NOT selling!
It has changed my life trendously! I have met so many wonderful friends online but the opportunity given to elevate these relationships in real life is incredible! It has opened my world to the universe and beyond!

Frank Cunha III
Congratulations to you on your accomplishments and thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share my thoughts with you.
1) What does Social Media mean to you specifically.
To me it’s a way to connect with my existing colleagues and clients as well as to meet and connect with new ones. Being a creative minded person (i.e., a Registered Architect in multiple states, an accomplished Artist and Photographer, as well as an advocate for green design and as an expert in the construction industry) it also allows me to market to specific groups by creating specific accounts. For example, on Twitter I use @fc3arch for my colleagues and personal friends on Facebook and for my various companies I use: @fc3architecture @fc3art @fc3photo @fc3green.

2) What has it done to change or improve your life.
For one thing it has allowed me to connect with old friends (i.e., new potential clients, business partners, and knowledge base vis-a-vi allied professionals – since they know me from childhood, there is instant trust which normally takes months if not years to develop. By networking on various sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flickr it also allows me to focus on branding. On LinkedIn I am able to show my professional qualities while on Facebook I can let loose a bit and let my friends know that I am spending time with my family or friends doing something fun and they feel like they really know me although I’m spending time with my family and not them. On Flickr I can express myself via my artwork and photography and receive feedback from those who follow my work. Although all the Social Media sites are somewhat merging together in some way I feel that they all help personalize the experience. Twitter (or as I once told someone new about it, Facebook on Crack) is a great way of meeting lots of folks really quick, but because of how it is set up it can be a bit cold. I think once the people at Twitter find a way to add a new element to the site it can really make Twitter even better and more personal. Also, with the “Following” restrictions you really need to develop a few accounts and manage them daily if you want to expand your network. Finally, what I like about Social Media is that it helps direct folks to my online content; my Art, Architecture, and Photography via links to my designs on Flickr or on my new Blog: where I can keep everyone posted on my passions and my talents and how I can help them in the world of interesting “design and construction” or in the world of unique and original “custom art installations” through my photography and art collections.

**More People I enjoys thoughts to be posted later.