Neilsen Report: Teens Text 3,339 Times Per Month! Voice Calling on Phones Going Extinct?

I was joking around the other day with someone about how maybe in the future we wont phone call each other anymore – we’ll just Text. I joked phones wont bother to have voice calling features. I thought about it later that night and it alarmed me a little – what if I was right. Its still a little disconcerting but look at the behaviors patterns we are developing right now. It really looks like thats the way we’re trending. I think people like texting for the suspense, you never know whats coming next. Must be the thrill of the unknown.

The latest Nielsen Report (see link below) has come out showing not only incredible Texting by Teens but their voice phone use, not so much. Maybe I’m right. We’re kinda going backwards if you think about it. Soon we’ll just tap out messages in Morse code cause maybe its faster that way. The Telegraph of the 1800s. In the end, all that voice crap we developed in last 100 years – wasted technology. LOL. If your a parent dont even bother teaching your kids to speak, just hand them a texting phone. All I know is this, I’m saving up my money to goto Carpal Tunnel Doctor school for all my future patients…

Source: Nielsen Wire Article

UPDATE: About a month after my post Techcrunch posted this on their blog – echoing my blog post: The Phone Call Is Dead.