NETGEAR XR1000 Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi 6 Router Review

I’ve been reviewing the NETGEAR XR1000 for a couple months. Its been a massive upgrade to the older routers we had in the home. As a gamer and live podcast streamer I need lots of power and bandwidth with no interupptions in signals. Having the latest AT&T Samsung phones that we review make so we can run WiFi 6 on them and around the house for the best results. Its very easy to setup and use with plenty of customizable features. Its elegent to look at so it looks good no matter where you put it in the house, even on display. It will help you take your gaming online to the next level or enjoy better streaming of videos and the internet. Even great for those business zoom calls that hog up bandwidth.

The NETGEAR XR1000 is a robust and efficient Wi-Fi 6 router geared towards enhancing the online gaming experience, which it accomplishes remarkably well. Offering a plethora of features, this router can be the critical link in your gaming setup, ensuring low latency, high-speed data transmission, and stable connection.

Beginning with its design, the XR1000 stands out with its modern aesthetic appeal. The sharp, angular appearance, with a matte black finish, makes it a perfect fit in any gaming or high-tech environment. The front panel displays a line of useful LED indicators that inform you about the device’s status.

One of the most impressive features of this router is its Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) capability. Compared to Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Wi-Fi 6 offers more significant speed improvements, better network efficiency, and a larger client capacity. This leads to less congestion, even with multiple devices connected to the network, which is essential for any gamer who doesn’t want to be interrupted during an intense gaming session.

The router runs on a 1.5GHz triple-core processor, offering strong, efficient performance that can easily handle the high bandwidth requirements of gaming, video streaming, and even virtual reality applications. Coupled with this is the 4-stream architecture that provides speeds up to 5.4Gbps, making it an excellent choice for high-speed internet service plans.

In terms of gaming features, the XR1000 boasts DumaOS 3.0, which is a highly customizable and powerful operating system designed specifically for gamers. It includes geo-fencing, bandwidth allocation (QoS), and ping heatmap features that provide an in-depth look into your network’s performance, allowing for fine-tuning to get the most out of your online gaming sessions.

With regards to connectivity, the XR1000 offers four 1G Ethernet ports and one 1G/2.5G Multi-Gig Ethernet port, providing ample options for wired connections. This can be a significant boon for competitive gamers who prefer a wired connection for its stability and reduced latency.

However, the XR1000 is not just for gamers. Its capabilities make it ideal for large households with multiple devices connected to the network. The Beamforming+ and OFDMA features ensure that all connected devices receive a strong, reliable signal, which can handle simultaneous high-bandwidth activities like 4K/8K video streaming, video conferencing, and more.

On the downside, the XR1000 is quite an investment, considering its relatively high price tag. The advanced features it offers may not be necessary for casual users, who might find more value in a less expensive, yet still reliable router.

In summary, the NETGEAR XR1000 is a powerhouse of a router that delivers on its promises. Its high-speed performance, enhanced features, and gaming-centric design make it a top contender for anyone looking to optimize their online gaming experience. The high price tag may be a barrier for some, but for serious gamers and tech-savvy individuals looking for the best network performance, the investment is well worth it.