Noopl – Airpod-Based Hearing Enhancement Accessory Review

Noopl is an iPhone® accessory that enhances hearing in noisy places so you can connect better with those around you. The accessory leverages three digital MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) microphones and state-of-the-art audio signal processing to dramatically reduce background noise. Powered by an iPhone via the Lightning® port, the Noopl 1.0 accessory creates a two-way communication link to AirPods Pro® allowing dynamic head tracking to automatically provide precise steering of the directional beam based on where you are looking.

The Noopl Listen app automatically launches when the accessory is plugged in, which allows you to simply plug, play, and focus on the conversation. Manual controls within the app allow you to focus the directional beam towards a specific location or broaden the beam width. In addition, the app automatically recognizes whether you are holding the phone or have your phone on the table, and optimizes the directional performance accordingly.

• Apple MFi Certified
• AirPods Pro (sold separately) dynamic head tracking focuses Noopl 1.0 on what you want to hear
• Multi-microphone directional signal processing dramatically reduces background noise
• Automatically steer or manually control via the Noopl Listen app
• Improved speech processing featuring Chatable AI 2.0
• Powered by the Lightning port
• One-year warranty
• Compatible with: iOS 14+ on iPhone 7 and newer
• In the box: Noopl 1.0, couplers for a secure fit, carrying case